10 Easy Actions that Will Save Money as Well as Energy

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$ Change two household bulbs to compact fluorescent lights (which can be recycled at Whole Foods, Home Depot, and some True Value stores); CFLs use up to 75 percent less energy and last ten times longer

$On the highway, drive at least 5 miles under the posted speed limit; choosing 55 mph instead of 75 reduces the amount of gas you use by about 25 percent

$Recycle your wire hangers at Prime Cleaners (651 VFW Parkway) and take $.05 off your laundry bill for each hanger returned; use Prime’s “We Care” bag and take another $.25 off your bill

$When not in use, unplug any cords connected to electronics or that have power “bricks” (a box on the cord); these items consume energy the entire time they are plugged in

$Buy a digital tire gauge in order to keep your car tires inflated to manufacturer’s recommended level of pressure; underinflated tires increase the resistance on the road, which uses more gas

$Wash laundry in cold water; 90 percent of the energy used for your clothes washer goes toward heating the water

$Adjust your thermostat by 2 degrees higher in the warm weather (if you have air conditioning) and 2 degrees cooler in the winter; you’ll save 6 percent on your monthly heating bill

$Use public transportation or carpool at least once a week to get to work; save on gas and save on parking

$Take your own bags (any kind—plastic, paper, or recycle tote bags) to Roche Bros. to pack your purchases, and you will be refunded $.05 on your order for each one used

$Use your dishwasher instead of hand washing dirty dishes and save energy and money on both heating and water costs; the dishwasher uses 50 percent less energy to heat the water and 75 percent less water than washing by hand