ReadBoston Goes Green for Literacy

Linking literacy and the environment is the fundamental concept behind a ReadBoston initiative implemented two years ago in a number of preschool, Boston Public School and after-school programs. Based on strong research showing that environmentally based education curricula can dramatically improve student learning, including higher standardized test scores, ReadBoston sought to increase literacy skills, Read More »

West Roxbury Teachers and Students on a Green Mission

In their classrooms at Boston Public Schools’ West Roxbury Education Complex, Mary Grady and Paige Zinzella are on a mission: to raise the awareness of their students about the importance of recycling and conservation of natural resources. And the kids are into it in a big way. “We watched ‘The Story of Stuff’” said Grady, who teaches world history and literature at Read More »

The Benefits of Reusing Are Written in Stone and Available in West Roxbury

The benefits of reusing things go way back. My daughter gave me a wonderful book called “The Rosetta Stone and the Rebirth of Ancient Egypt,” by John Ray. According to Ray, “The Rosetta Stone lay for centuries in the ruins of its temple … At some point, what remained of it was reused as building material.” How fortunate we are that the Rosetta Stone was eventually reused instead of being buried, destroyed or recycled into gravel! Read More »

Go Green This Holiday Season and Save Money

During the holidays, many of our activities might not seem to have anything to do with saving energy and saving money, but as you think about your holiday traditions, here are some tips for making them more “green,” many of which will help your pocketbook as well. Christmas lights: Switching your current bulbs to strands of light-emitting diodes allows you to enjoy the season and be energy efficient at the same time. Read More »

Winterizing Tips for Your Home

As the cold weather moves in, many of us in West Roxbury, particularly those living in older houses, once again try to ignore the frigid drafts we feel when sitting near a window or the way the floor just inside our front doors always feels significantly chillier than elsewhere. We also start to worry about how our utility bills skyrocket over the winter months. Read More »

Businesses Can Go Green to Save Green

West Roxbury Saves Energy presented its first Green Business Forum earlier this month for local business owners. Given the downturn in the economy and the concomitant struggles that small businesses face, it made sense to focus the event on offering information about energy-efficiency programs that help businesses save money. NSTAR’s program manager, Augustine Pimentel, spoke at the forum Read More »

Save $$, Go Green with Free Home Energy Audits

Residents of West Roxbury have a wonderful opportunity to save money and reduce their carbon footprint by taking advantage of free energy audits in their home. Prompted by my enthusiasm as a member of one of the Low-Carbon Diet groups sponsored by West Roxbury Saves Energy, I signed up for an audit through NSTAR, my electricity provider. (National Grid also offers the service.) I booked the appointment for both Read More »

A Green Gary’s Liquors Means Green Savings

A family-owned store at 655 VFW Parkway, Gary’s has executed a series of cost-effective and energy-efficient renovations that include installing a floor made of recycled tires and tennis balls; converting to LED light sources that use significantly less electricity; and using outside air to cool the beer chest when the temperature drops below 40 degrees. Read More »