What Makes TD Bank “Green” Other Than Money?

You may have noticed that where Zoots Cleaners used to reside on Centre Street a new building has risen this fall. Constructed by TD Bank, its signs at the site indicated this would be a “sustainable” and “green” bank and the building caught our eye. So we got in touch with the folks at TD Bank to inquire what exactly these assertions meant. Read More »

Why Don’t We Recycle More?

To many of us, recycling seems to have become a way of life. We look around and see designated containers for plastic bottles and cans and paper everywhere, not to mention the ubiquitous big blue bins on our sidewalks on collection days, and we think, “Wow everyone’s recycling!” Consequently, it was surprising to see statistics recently that do not readily confirm this impression. Read More »

Is Solar Energy in Your Future?

OK, so West Roxbury isn’t southern California. We have lots of overcast days. Most winters, there’s snow on the roof for at least a few weeks and rain for a few more weeks. Solar energy isn’t for me, you’re thinking. But think again, and consider this: we have much more sun than Germany, yet Germany has one of the highest solar adoption rates in the world. Read More »

Water from the Ground Up and Other Summery Suggestions

Lots of us love to turn on our outdoor sprinklers for long periods of time and let them throw water into the air, eventually landing on the flowers, lawn, or other garden areas. Well, did you know that when you spray water this way you can lose more than half of the moisture to evaporation before it can ever reach your target? Read More »

Green Your Electricity: A New Option in Massachusetts

If you are like us, you are always trying to find new and better ways to green your energy usage and save money at the same time. While the recent rash of thunderstorms may tempt you to send up a kite with a key on the tail, we really cannot recommend this method. However, lots of changes for the better are becoming available, from comprehensive ways to monitor our home electrical usage to the possibility for Read More »

Did You Know . . . ?

Information about how to be green and save green is pretty much everywhere now and getting harder to miss with every passing day. Consequently, we all think we are pretty savvy when it comes to recognizing the steps we can take in order to both help our environment and lower our energy bills and related costs. Nevertheless, we at WRSE are wondering whether you were aware of these tidbits: Read More »

Can You ID These Patches of Yellow in West Roxbury?

As part of the Boston Blooms program last fall, WRSE and others planted many daffodil bulbs in public spaces around West Roxbury. Now they have become beautiful patches of yellow. Can you identify the four locations pictured here? E-mail us at wrse@westroxburysavesenergy.org with your guesses, and the first five correct answerers will win a WRSE T-shirt! Read More »

Is It Climate Change or Just Weird Weather?

So, you’re probably asking yourself, “What’s up with winter this year? Is it CLIMATE CHANGE or just WEIRD WEATHER?” Can we know? Probably not. Does it matter? No. After all, Earth’s climate has always changed. What we DO know and what DOES matter is that the change is now occurring at a rate way faster than “normal.” It is this rate of change that is of concern, and most weather experts and scientists agree that humans are responsible. Read More »

Energy and Environmental Activities in West Roxbury Schools Help Students Appreciate Our World

Research shows that the best way to make adults aware of the importance of helping our environment is to educate children. Youngsters have an uncanny ability to grasp the existing need to take care of our Earth, and they bring enthusiasm and energetic tenacity to the challenges they are exposed to. Read More »

A Vision of a ‘New’ Brook Farm

In recent years urban agriculture and community farming have exploded in popularity as more people rediscover the benefits of growing their own vegetables and fruits, having access to fresh produce, and coming together with neighbors to produce food locally. Many of us are familiar with the lovely sight of the Newton Community Farm on Nahanton Road, particularly when its rows of vegetables are at full growth and bursting in green leaf. Wouldn’t it be terrific if West Roxbury could support a similar endeavor in our own back yard? Read More »