The media on the West Roxbury Lateral pipeline


The Boston media finally takes notice of the hazardous situation facing residents in the densely populated Grove area of West Roxbury in the proposal to put a high-pressure gas pipeline and M&R Station there across from the active, blasting quarry. WBZ TV and the Globe ran excellent pieces outlining the situation and asking why Senators Warren and Markey aren’t helping the residents of West Roxbury get answers and acknowledging Congressman Lynch’s efforts to move the pipeline moved to a non-residential area away from the quarry. And local cable TV network BNN interviewed WRSE’s Ray Porfilio and Rep. Ed Coppinger on the issue Jan. 23. Read More »


WRSE Rebuttal to Spectra ad mailer on the WR Lateral pipeline


On December 22 and 23, Spectra Energy blanketed West Roxbury with a mailed advertising piece that touts the benefits of the company’s proposal to build a high-pressure natural-gas pipeline called the West Roxbury Lateral into the Grove neighborhood. The advertisement neither tells the whole story of this proposal nor speaks honestly about many of the facts. It is our intent here to provide a fuller picture of the West Roxbury Lateral and fill in the numerous gaps left out of the Spectra Energy ad mailer which are crucial to residents’ understanding the value of the pipeline as well as potential safety and health issues surrounding its current proposed location. Read More »

Spring leaf and yard waste collection ends May 23


Start saving your yard waste now for end-of-the-month collection. Put it out in designated barrels by 7 am on your recycling day starting April 28.. Read More »

WRSE receives grant from NEGEF


We are pleased to announce that WRSE has received a generous grant from the New England Grassroots Environment Fund so we can continue our efforts in 2014. Thank you to NEGEF! In the coming year we plan to offer additional informative energy-saving and money-saving programs to the community and hope to pursue the launch of a Community Solar Garden in West Roxbury. Stay tuned! Read More »

Leaf and yard waste collection will continue through November 30


Collecting leaf and yard waste for composting saves tax dollars, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and produces compost! Read More »

Residential composting pilot program starts in Boston

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In August Boston launches a residential composting program in response to public interest in organics-diversion programs and the volume of food waste in Boston’s recycling stream. City residents may drop off food scraps at three farmers’ markets: Jamaica Plain (Saturdays, 10 am–2 pm, 45 Brookside Ave.), Dorchester (Thursdays, 2:30–6:30 pm, 230 Bowdoin St.), and Allston (Fridays, 3–7 pm, 200 N. Harvard St.). Read More »