Support a plastic bag ban in Boston now! Here’s how:

On Nov. 28, City Councilors O’Malley and Wu filed a proposed ordinance to ban plastic bags in Boston. Soon there will be a public hearing to discuss the proposal and then a vote by the City Council on whether to adopt it.  Please call or e-mail your district city councilor and the four at-large city councilors and tell them you are in favor of the ban and ask them to vote yes on the ordinance. E-mail links for the individual councilors are here; or you can e-mail them all here. Please also call (617-635-4500) or e-mail Mayor Walsh and tell him that you support the plastic bag ban. More than 30 other towns in Massachusetts already have taken this step; it is time for Boston to do the same! Read More »

Let’s Eliminate Plastic Bags in Boston!

Add your thoughts now: Survey. Plastic bags harm our environment, take 12 million barrels of petroleum a year to produce (just for those used in the U.S.), contribute significantly to litter in our streets, and wreak havoc with Boston’s single-stream recycling equipment when residents try to recycle plastic bags in our big blue bins. The Boston City Council is convening working-group sessions to discuss eliminating plastic bags in Boston and the best way to do so, and everyone is invited to contribute to the discussion. Read More »

The West Roxbury Lateral pipeline

Since Sept. 2, 2014, when WRSE first learned of the plans to build a high-pressure (750 psi) natural gas pipeline in the Grove area of West Roxbury, including a Metering & Regulating Station across the street from the blasting quarry there, we have tried to follow and influence the situation. Click this post to see a list of the information we have shared to date. Read More »

NSTAR ends green-power option; WRSE recommends switching to a Mass Energy green-power program

Effective July 2015, NSTAR will no longer offer its option to purchase green energy. The good news is that Mass Energy’s green-power programs should be your next stop. Mass Energy is a nonprofit, green-power supplier based in Boston whose green-power programs allow NSTAR customers to support electricity generated from local renewable sources. Mass Energy offers 100% renewable power at a cheaper rate than NSTAR did, and all green-power payments through Mass Energy are 100% tax deductible. Learn more and sign up here! Read More »

Wondering what bulb to buy now?

As the super-energy-efficient LEDs (light-emitting diodes) become more available and less expensive, they also become increasingly viable options to the much-maligned CFL, or compact flourescent, energy-saving type of bulb. If you want to know more, check out this excellent update from NPR: “In the Dark about Picking a Light Bulb? This FAQ Can Help.” Read More »