Community meeting Feb. 28: The West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline and PHMSA

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) took over jurisdiction of the West Roxbury Lateral pipeline once it became operational in January. Join WRSE to hear from a PHMSA representative on Feb. 28 about what this means. Read More »

We need Community Choice Energy (CCE) in Boston

Community Choice Energy (also called Community Choice Aggregation) is an increasingly vital way that city residents throughout the U.S. are coming together to increase access to renewable energy for people of all incomes. CCE has been proven effective in adding renewable energy to residents’ electricity mix while keeping rates competitive. Join the effort to bring CCE to Boston. Read More »

Looking for ways to engage in environmental activism?

WRSE has heard from many of you asking for recommendations of ways to get involved more actively with saving our planet now that the former goals of the EPA are in jeopardy and climate change deniers are in charge. WRSE makes some suggestions. Read More »

Support a plastic bag ban in Boston now!

After a robust public process in 2016, City Councilors O’Malley and Wu continue steps in 2017 to pass a proposed ordinance to ban plastic bags in Boston. We need your help to make this ban a reality so that Boston joins the more than 40 cities and towns in Massachusetts who have already achieved this goal. Click here to find out how you can help: Read More »

The West Roxbury Lateral pipeline

Since Sept. 2, 2014, when WRSE first learned of the plans to build a high-pressure (750 psi) natural gas pipeline in the Grove area of West Roxbury, including a Metering & Regulating Station across the street from the blasting quarry there, we have tried to follow and influence the situation. Click this post to see a list of the information we have shared to date. Read More »

NSTAR ends green-power option; WRSE recommends switching to a Mass Energy green-power program

Effective July 2015, NSTAR no longer offers its option to purchase green energy. The good news is that Mass Energy’s green-power programs should be your next stop. Mass Energy is a nonprofit, green-power supplier based in Boston whose green-power programs allow NSTAR customers to support electricity generated from local renewable sources. Mass Energy offers 100% renewable power at a cheaper rate than NSTAR did, and all green-power payments through Mass Energy are 100% tax deductible. Learn more and sign up here! Read More »