The West Roxbury Lateral pipeline


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Since Sept. 2, 2014, when WRSE first learned of the plans to build a high-pressure (750 psi) natural gas pipeline in the Grove area of West Roxbury, including a Metering & Regulating Station across the street from the blasting quarry there, we have tried to follow and influence the situation. Below are links to various ways you can find out more about the West Roxbury Lateral pipeline.


Most recent activity:
Video of the community meeting with a representative of PHMSA (the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) led by WRSE on February 28, 2017: PHMSA video

PDF of PHMSA rep’s PowerPoint presentation on February 28, 2017, community meeting: PHMSA PP


Background information

WRSE’s rebuttal to Spectra’s ad mailer of late Dec. 2014


Updates from WRSE sent via e-mail to the WRL pipeline list:


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Some of the media coverage

Information sheet distributed in relation to the local TV program July 14, 2015

Red Ribbon movement to symbolize rejection of the WRL pipeline


WRL Participation: Survey

If interested, please take a survey before April 15, 2017, for Boston College student Bobby Wengronowitz, about your involvement with the fight against the West Roxbury Lateral pipeline; he writes:

“Bobby Wengronowitz is completing dissertation research that centers on the fight to stop the West Roxbury Lateral Pipeline. As part of that research, he is asking that you complete a survey (, no matter the extent to which you were involved in the efforts against the Pipeline. As a token of appreciation, survey respondents will be entered to win a donation in your name (raffling off approximately $1,000). The survey takes about 20 minutes. Thanks for your help and feel free to share the survey with others who might have been involved in the efforts to stop the pipeline!”