West Roxbury Goes Solar

By Rickie Harvey
As published on westroxburypatch.com
March 2013

Solar energy seems talked about now more than ever, so if you are like us, you may have been wondering whether your house has a roof that makes it possible to tap into this efficient, clean, and less expensive way to get your electricity. Wonder no more! West Roxbury Saves Energy and solar partner Next Step Living want to help you determine whether your roof qualifies as a good candidate for solar panels and, if it does, to encourage you to participate in West Roxbury Goes Solar, a program we launch this month.

WRSE asked Boston-based, home-energy leader Next Step Living to use their innovative technology to look at every home in West Roxbury to learn which roofs provide ideal orientation and space for solar panels. Over the upcoming weeks we will be working together to contact every West Roxbury resident whose roof meets these requirements through direct mail, door knocking, information sessions, and other events around West Roxbury.

Join us at the West Roxbury Branch Library on Monday, March 18 for an Information Session at 6:30 p.m. Also look for our solar information tables at Roche Bros. in March and April and at the YMCA during their Earth Week events in April, for just a couple of examples. You can sign up at any of these venues as well as learn whether your roof is a good candidate for solar.

Anyone who has a qualifying roof and completes a solar visit from Next Step Living will receive a $50 gift card to Roche Bros. In addition, for every solar system Next Step Living installs during this program, which ends July 15, NSL will donate $250 to the local initiative to bring a community farm to West Roxbury, called New Brook Farm (to learn more about this exciting project, visit NewBrookFarm.org).

If your roof qualifies to participate in West Roxbury Goes Solar, you can have solar panels installed on your roof for a small investment and start saving right away; pay for the electricity your system produces at a rate that is lower than your current rate; and consider options to own the panels yourself or have the system insured, maintained, and repaired for free throughout its lifetime.

Through this program, WRSE hopes West Roxbury residents will soon see many, many solar panels appearing on roofs all around our neighborhood. If your roof proves viable, we hope you will take this step for yourself, our community, and the environment and help us make West Roxbury Goes Solar a huge success.