“West Roxbury Goes Solar” program to end July 15

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PROGRAM ENDS JULY 15Contact us today!

We are in the final month of this program. As of June 20, we have completed 124 solar assessments since March in West Roxbury, and 12 contracts for solar panels have been signed. Let’s continue to make this program a success!

Together with Next Step Living—NSL is a Boston-based company that is a “socially conscious, environmentally focused, results-driven organization dedicated to helping our customers lower their energy bills, increase the comfort of their homes, and reduce their carbon footprint”—WRSE has launched an all-out effort this spring to contact every residence in West Roxbury whose roof is a good candidate for solar panels. Through direct mail, door-knocking, and special events, we hope to reach everyone who qualifies to put solar panels on their home in order to increase sustainable energy options in our neighborhood and help residents save on their electricity bills.

To learn more and to find out if your roof is good for solar, watch for us around town for more information or go to westroxburysolar.org right now.

If your roof qualifies for participation in the West Roxbury Goes Solar program, you can:

  • Have solar panels installed on your roof for a small investment and start saving right away.
  • Pay for the electricity your system produces at a rate that is lower than your current rate.
  • Consider options to own the panels yourself or have the system insured, maintained, and repaired for free throughout its lifetime.

For the duration of the West Roxbury Goes Solar program, which ends on July 15, anyone in West Roxbury who has a viable roof and has a  no-cost, no-obligation solar visit from NSL will get a $50 gift card to Roche Bros. In addition, for every additional solar system NSL installs in West Roxbury during this community program, NSL will contribute $250 to support the West Roxbury community-farm project New Brook Farm (learn more about this exciting local initiative at newbrookfarm.org).

If your roof qualifies for solar panels, WRSE thanks you for taking this step for yourself, for our community, and for the environment. Thank you for helping us make West Roxbury Goes Solar a huge success!