Is your boiler at least 30 years old?

If so, National Grid and NSTAR are offering qualifying customers a limited-time rebate of $1,750–$4,000 to replace their boiler. Take the first step toward your rebate by signing up for a no-cost energy assessment right now.

Your new boiler must be installed by September 30, 2012 (deadline has been extended!), to take advantage of the rebate. (Click here to learn more about the steps toward claiming your rebate.) In addition, your old boiler must be:
—30 years old, or older
—currently functioning
—fueled by natural gas, propane, or oil

The rebate is NOT for:
—replacing furnaces
—converting to another fuel
—fixing or replacing broken boilers.

REBATES ARE LIMITED. There are several steps you must complete to qualify, but your first step is to sign up for a no-cost energy assessment.

A new boiler could save you hundreds of dollars in heating costs each year, as well as prevent hundreds of pounds of carbon and noxious pollutant emissions. If you have any questions, contact the rebate’s general hotline at 800-480-7472, and ask about the “Early Boiler Replacement Rebates.”