WRSE and Roche give away reusable bags for Earth Day 2012

Roche Bros. donates more than a hundred canvas shopping bags

The plastic bag outfit made its first appearance of 2012 this April for Earth Day. As always, we tried to encourage shoppers to think about using bags that are not plastic and bringing their own every time they shop—not just at Roche Bros., but at CVS or for toys or wherever we usually mindlessly take a new plastic or paper bag from the cashier in which to carry our items. This plastic bag outfit is pretty scary—it’s how many plastic bags the typical person uses every year. The outfit of bags, created and worn by WRSE member Karen Sauer, consists of 365 plastic bags and illustrates how even one person can make a difference to the environment by choosing to stop using plastic bags. Did you know that most plastic bags are made out of petroleum, only adding to our dependence on oil?

Some Not-So-Fun Facts about Plastic Bags

Only 2 percent of all plastic bags used in the United States get recycled

Plastic bags take from 500 to 1,000 years to break down in a landfill

The United States uses 100 billion plastic bags annually

Making those bags requires 12 million barrels of oil