WRSE visits the Ohrenberger 4th grade


Jaimy George works for the MassAudubon Nature Center and teaches the Ohrenberger’s fourth graders most Fridays for a class session. On a Friday in March, three members of WRSE visited to participate in the class’s Energy Unit. Karen Sauer donned the “plastic bag outfit” that is always a hit with young and old alike (illustrating what 365 plastic bags looks like; the average person in the U.S. uses 500 plastic bags each year), and Ray Porfilio discussed the benefits of “reduce, reuse, and recycle” for our environment and our pocket books with the students. At the end of the two classes, WRSE gave each of the children a reusable bag with the WRSE logo to take home and use for groceries and other purchases. (Photo courtesy Jaimy George.)