“Renew Boston” program pays for your energy-efficiency home improvements

No Cost, Low Hassle

Sign up here for a no-cost Renew Boston energy assessment and potential upgrade program.

Let the City of Boston pick up the tab for your energy-efficiency improvements! The Renew Boston program offers no-cost, low-hassle ways to lower your energy bills, starting with a free home energy assessment. Then receive up to $3,500 in energy upgrades that will reduce your home energy bill, reduce carbon emissions in our community and in Boston, and support West Roxbury Saves Energy. No-cost upgrades include insulation, air sealing, water-saving devices, and high-efficiency light bulbs.

Sign up here for a no-cost Renew Boston energy assessment and potential upgrade program. You will also be helping WRSE, as we will receive $50 for each referral. But even more importantly, you will be helping the environment and yourself: you could save more than $800 annually and reduce your carbon footprint by 25% by participating in this program.

Most city of Boston residents qualify. If you live in a 1–4 family residence and earn 60–120% of the area median income (AMI) in Boston, then you may qualify for Renew Boston services.

Household Members                 Income
One-person household             $30,751 to $61,502
Two-person household             $40,213 to $80,426
Three-person household          $49,675 to $99,350
Four-person household            $59,137 to $118,274
Five-person household             $68,598 to $137,196
Six-person household               $78,060 to $156,120
Landlords serving income-eligible tenants can also take advantage of Renew Boston services to improve the energy performance of their properties. Tenants interested in participating must have landlord approval for energy efficiency improvements installed in the home. Contact Renew Boston for details on other conditions and restrictions that may apply.

If you qualify, sign up today. If you don’t qualify, don’t worry: there are programs for everyone. If your income is below the eligibility requirements, you can participate in the weatherization program from Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD). If your income is above the eligibility requirements, contact Mass Save about their energy-efficiency-upgrade program.