Why did the MBTA refuse to run ads from 350.org?

An ad team for 350.org—environmentalist Bill McKibben’s site that has spearheaded many efforts worldwide to fight climate change—raised enough money in recent weeks to run this ad in the Boston subway system bringing attention to the fact that on April 6 Senator Scott Brown voted “to gut the Clean Air Act.” However, the MBTA is refusing to run the ads. According to the Boston Globe (June 16), the MBTA “cited a policy against running political contents in its stations.” The 350.org group has sent a letter explaining the position taken in the ads, but rather than wait for a reply, they are planning a new strategy: on July 4th weekend you will be seeing the ads around the streets of Boston as they are displayed on bicycles, so keep an eye out for them. “A carbon-free way to make sure their message sees the light of day!” according to 350.org. For more information about the movement and the ads, visit 350.org and WhichSideAreYouOn.org. You can send us comments about your reaction to the MBTA’s refusal to run these ads at wrse@westroxburysavesenergy.org; we would like to hear from you!