Using a watt meter to measure electricity use in your home

Purchase a watt meter (they can be ordered online from starting at $23) or borrow one of ours from Atlas True Value Hardware Store, at 1871 Centre Street. WRSE has purchased several and made them available for one-week free borrows. Just ask at the counter, and you can sign one out.

Plug the item whose electricity use you want to measure, such as your electric toothbrush or television, into the watt meter and then plug the meter into the outlet. If you want to measure a day’s use of electricity for that item, leave it plugged in for a day; or for a week, etc.

Once you check the meter to determine how much electricity your entertainment center, for example, uses in a week if you leave it plugged in all the time, you may decide it is worth it to unplug such items when not in use. This can be made easier by plugging devices into a power strip, which can be easily turned on and off with a switch.

You can watch your electricity bill go down by finding electronics and other items in your home that consume electricity all the time and keeping them unplugged except when in use.