Join or start a “Low-Carbon Diet Group”

in  your West Roxbury neighborhood!

Carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted into the air through use of fossil fuels (gasoline, coal, oil, and natural gas) is the primary cause of global warming—take off pounds and the whole earth will be healthier!

Join together with a group of households in your neighborhood—five or six families is a good size—and decide on your group’s goals. Pledge that all of you will generate less carbon dioxide through the choices you have made. Here are just a few of the ways you can agree together to do so:

  • reduce your household’s weekly waste byone garbage can size(2,600 lbs CO2 reduction annually)
  • install low-flow showerheads and take shorter showers(550 lbs CO2 reduction annually)
  • wash clothes in cold water(300 lbs CO2 reduction annually)
  • adjust your thermostat up or down for cooler/warmer temperatures(1,400 lbs reduction annually)
  • commit to eating one less meal with meatper week(700 lbs CO2 reduction annually)
  • find and seal all leaky areas in your home(800 lbs CO2 reduction annually)

Agree on steps that each household will take and then gather regularly to compare notes on your success—and cheer each other on as you watch the pounds fall away!

If you are interested in joining or forming a group, send us an e-mail with your name and address, and we will get you started.