Unplug Cords

When not in use, unplug any cords connected to electronics or that have power “bricks” (a box on the cord); these items consume energy the entire time they are plugged in.

It is difficult to put a dollar figure on the amount of energy you will save by unplugging items when not in use such as televisions, telephone and laptop chargers, DVD players, other electronics, and any cords that have “bricks” on them (touch the boxes—they are warm even when not in use, which is a palpable way of understanding that they are constantly using energy and costing you money). How much you save by taking this action depends, of course, on how many of these items you have around your home. But keep in mind that large televisions can draw as much power when they are turned off (but not unplugged) as a refrigerator.

DID YOU KNOW? Even computers and monitors in sleep or screensaver mode are consuming energy.