Return Hangers

Recycle your wire hangers at Prime Cleaners (651 VFW Parkway) and take $.05 off your laundry bill for each hanger returned. IN ADDITION: Use Prime’s “We Care” bag for your cleaning and take another $.25 off your bill!

The savings here are obvious—why wouldn’t you take your dry cleaning to Prime and return your hangers for a reimbursement on your dry-cleaning bill at the rate of a nickel for each hanger? According to The Daily Green newsletter, about 8 billion hangers per year end up in landfills because they can’t be recycled and aren’t reused; they are simply discarded. Eight billion hangers are enough to fill the Empire State Building from basement to top floor more than four times. That’s a lot of hangers.

IN ADDITION: Did you know that at Prime Cleaners you can also save an additional $.25 on your cleaning bill as well as reduce your use of plastic by employing Prime’s reusable “We Care” bag for your dry cleaning? It’s a laundry bag that you fill with your dirty clothes, and Prime will launder it and return your clean items to you inside it instead of covering them in plastic. What could be easier and more environmentally friendly that also earns you back a quarter?