CVS Greenbagtag

Save Money and Save the Planet: Take a Reusable Bag for Your CVS Purchases

CVS Greenbagtag on your reusable bag gets you $1 extra buck every fourth use

One requirement: First of all, you need to know that this program applies only if you have a CVS ExtraCare card (worth having anyway for all the discounts it affords you on products throughout the store, and not just on CVS-brand items).

How it works:
If you have a CVS card, purchase a Greenbagtag at the checkout counter for $.99. Attach the Greenbagtag to ANY reusable bag (it doesn’t have to be a CVS reusable bag). When you make a purchase at CVS, use this reusable bag and show the Greenbagtag so it can be scanned with your items. Every fourth scanning, you receive a $1 “extra-buck” coupon, which can be used toward any future CVS purchase just like cash.

One thing to know:
Your Greenbagtag can be scanned for credit only one time per day. So if you make repeat visits to any CVS in the same day, your tag won’t qualify for an additional scanning.

Why not take a reusable bag to CVS, attach the Greenbagtag, and save money while you also reduce your use of plastic bags, a petroleum-based product that uses energy to make and sits in our landfills for thousands of years?