WRSE “Water Table” Promotes Reusable Bottles

WRSE gives away more than 200 bottles at Parkway Soccer Family Day in 2010 and also provides tips on water conservation

Event sponsored by Waves Car Wash

On a rainy Saturday in June, spirits were not dampened at the annual Millennium Park event to celebrate the end of the Parkway Youth Soccer season. West Roxbury Saves Energy was there, giving away reusable bottles in an effort to encourage patrons to drink tap water and to purchase fewer sports drinks and bottled waters.

WRSE thanks Adam Korngold of Waves Car Wash for sponsoring this event. Did you know that an automated car wash uses 80 percent less water than home car washing and that nearly all car-wash water is recycled? Home washing means the runoff water ends up in our sewers, unfiltered, which is bad for us and bad for our environment.

In general, consider conserving water this summer by watering your lawn only in the early morning (to avoid high rates of mid-day evaporation) and not relying on automated sprinklers, which have been shown to use 20 to 30 percent more water than hand-operated hoses. If you must use automated systems, be sure to install a rain or soil moisture sensor that turns off the water when it isn’t needed. And don’t worry if your grass turns brown—it naturally becomes dormant in hot, dry weather and will revive when the temperatures turn cooler or after a steady rain. Mulch to keep roots cool and moist, plant low-water use varieties, and try to cluster together plants that need lots of moisture for efficient watering.