Waves Car Wash Sets a Green Example

By Rickie Harvey
As published in The West Roxbury Transcript
Thursday, August 26, 2010

You might not think of a car wash as a business that would readily set a good example as a water conservator, but the fact is that getting your car cleaned at Waves takes 80 percent less water than washing your car in your driveway.

Contributing to the reduced use of water, Waves—located on the VFW Parkway in West Roxbury at the Dedham line—recycles 9,000 gallons each week rather than just letting it run into the sewers as shining clean cars emerge from the bays. Another plus: Waves uses only biodegradable soaps and waxes.

Further, Waves owner Adam Korngold recently expanded his commitment to sustainable business practices by installing 7,000 square feet of solar panels on the building’s roof. The 160 solar panels will generate 50,000 kilowatts of electricity a year, providing about 20 percent of Waves’s electrical needs.

To celebrate these green initiatives Korngold held an Energy Fair at Waves on Aug. 14 and invited guest speakers to the ribbon-cutting for his launch of the solar panels. As City Councilor John Connolly remarked at the ceremony, “This is our green economy at work . . . and I hope it sends a message across West Roxbury, across the whole city of Boston that this is what it’s about—a business making the effort to use environmentally sustainable practices in order to save both energy and money.”

Connolly then presented Korngold with a citation from the Boston City Council lauding the practices initiated at Waves. State Representative Paul McMurtry also spoke in praise of Korngold’s green steps, remarking that this is the kind of corporate responsibility that is crucial to the safekeeping of our environment and lauding Korngold’s “proactive approach to a clean-energy future.” The State House of Representatives will also be issuing a citation of merit to Korngold for his business initiatives.

Dozens of people stopped to take in the event, which included tours of the mechanical back room of the car wash to view energy-efficient measures, entertainment for the kids, and free reusable bags filled with green items useful in the car. West Roxbury Saves Energy gave away reusable water bottles at our Water Table, as well as information about ways to conserve water this summer both inside and outside the home. The BP-free water bottles were generously donated by Waves Car Wash.

Another convenience for customers at Waves that also saves the business money is the recent addition of recycling bins. Now when car owners arrive to clean their cars at the car wash instead of throwing all their trash into the Dumpster they can recycle bottles and cans in the receptacles that are supplied and help the environment by doing so. It actually saves Waves money to recycle these items rather than paying to have them taken away with the trash, so it is a win-win situation.

As McMurtry humorously observed, Korngold “takes the mission of going green seriously—even changing his logo colors to include green.” WRSE salutes Adam Korngold and Waves for these many green initiatives.